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Waiting to Exhale

Early morning, not a leaf stirring, birds silently roosting, insects motionlessly waiting for the heat of day. It is as if nature has taken a deep breath and then paused, waiting to exhale. “Watching the animals come and go, and … Continue reading

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A Little Intervention

I am enjoying the company of several pairs of mocking birds this year.  Their repertoire of bird songs is incredible.  They are masters of mimicry and their morning serenade includes familiar and exotic selections that make the woods seem like … Continue reading

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Bees and Spiders and Snakes, Oh My.

“Develop a boundless ethic which includes all living things.” I had just finished finished typing this paraphrase of Albert Schweitzer’s advice when a small warbler hit the sliding glass door beside my desk.  I ran out to scoop her up … Continue reading

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Woodland Calligraphy

Naturalists and artists tend to appreciate details within the big picture.  We marvel at the the shapes of shadows, the perfect hexagons in a comb of honey and the curly-cues and flourishes of tendrils.  In these are the characters, alphabets … Continue reading

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A Moment of Creativity

Earlier this week I decided to spend a moment on the porch enjoying a warm January sunbeam and browsing through two of my favorite catalogs,  Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff and Rare Seeds from the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.  I … Continue reading

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A “little” Inspiration

Several nights ago the temperature dropped into the single digits and all of the media were emphasizing the importance of bringing outdoor pets inside and providing shelter for livestock.  I don’t have either but after I filled the bird feeders … Continue reading

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Nature’s Guide to Decorating

It seems to me that Nature has the right idea when it comes to holiday decorating. When the leaves begin to change color in the Fall and buds appear on my Thanksgiving Cactus, it is my signal to replace bird … Continue reading

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