Picasso once said “Every child is an artist.  The problem is to remain an artist after he grows up”. I don’t think he meant art as a profession but as a way of life.  I am still an artist. 

My artistic talents have followed me in my professional journey through life as a biologist, a teacher, a floral designer, and an entrepreneur.  In life I have satisfied my artistic cravings in many ways (crafting, decorating, writing, gardening, cooking…). but for the last twenty years painting with watercolor has been a constant. 

I am also just as much in love with nature as I was as a child.  I’ve spent countless hours exploring the habitats of Virginia’s New River Valley.   The colorful plants and animal life, the artistry of the river and the changing hues of the misty mountains inspire me to paint and to open a window into this artist’s love of nature.

To see more of my paintings visit my website  Watercolors of Nature by Karen S. Hines or follow me on Facebook.com/KarenHinesArt

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