A Noisy Silence

May has been a silent month.  A month of quiet activities that revealed the noises that so often go unnoticed, nature’s background music.  Just like chamber music in an elevator, the  sounds of nature need to be the center of attention to be truly appreciated.  With windows wide open the silent house is filled with birdsong and chipmunk chatter.

As I write its early morning just before dawn of the first day of June. A “quiet” time filled with the chirps of insects and frogs and the songs of birds rising early to meet the new day. A noisy silence that soothes the soul.

The month of May was not without its hectic days when the mind becomes distracted by traffic, technology and responsibilities of today’s world and neither will the month of June be without stresses.  More reason to put a little silence at the top of my to do list.  Nature’s melody will be in the background waiting to take center stage.

Watercolor of a wood borer bee by virginia nature artist Karen S. Hines

Wood borer bees filled today’s silence with buzzing and boring as a fine dust of wood fell silently to the ground.

About Karen Hines Art

I am an artist living in the mountains of Virginia and expressing my love of nature through painting.
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