Peepers and Other Clues That Spring Has Arrived!

If you take the time to really listen to Nature, it isn’t any secret that Spring has arrived.  As the first full day of springtime dawns today here are some of the clues that have heralded its arrival to the mountains of Southwest Virginia.

“10 clues that let me know Spring is here.”

  1. The last of winter’s ice has receded from the warming water of the pond.

    The last of the winter ice recedes from the pond

    The last of the winter ice recedes from the pond

  2. The serenade of the peepers has begun. (You can learn about these little frogs and hear their chorus at
  3. Masses of frog eggs have appeared among the  bright green algae in the pond.First frogs of Spring.jpg
  4. Green sprouts of chives, daffodils and crocuses have broken ground and leaf buds are bursting  open in the underbrush of the woods.

    The Lenten Rose is one of the first plants to bloom in springtime.

    Lenten Roses, watercolor by Karen Hines.

  5. The purple “Lenten Roses” are blooming in my neighbor’s yard.
  6. The Northern cardinals are waking before dawn to begin singing their mating songs.
  7. The Tom Turkeys are escorting flocks of hens out of the woods and into my yard.

     Wild Turkey and Dogwood  from a watercolor " Virginia Gentleman" by Karen Hines

    A Wild Turkey stands behind the blossoms of a spring flowering Dogwood tree ( Virginia’s State Flower) in” Virginia Gentleman”, watercolor by Karen Hines.

  8. The air smells of damp earth and catkins  have appeared on the pussy willows.
  9. The sun spends more time in its journey from sunrise to sunset.
  10. And Nature is calling me to record the wonders of the season on paper with watercolors!

I hope that you have a moment today to appreciate the clues left behind by Nature that the earth is slowly awakening from it’s winter sleep.

About Karen Hines Art

I am an artist living in the mountains of Virginia and expressing my love of nature through painting.
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