A Moment of Creativity

Seed Art by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Original Seed Art By Laura Stilson

Earlier this week I decided to spend a moment on the porch enjoying a warm January sunbeam and browsing through two of my favorite catalogs,  Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff and Rare Seeds from the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.  I know that I can scroll through their website pages to see their inventories but I like to touch the paper catalog’s pages, fold over corners and draw little stars and brackets around items that catch my fancy.

The pages of Joe Miller’s catalog are full of artwork, advice, wisdom and motivational quotes for artists.  After an hour of catalog browsing, turning down pages and imagining all the creative things I could do with each product, I came across this little tidbit of information from Joe:

“Did you know that a moment is a real measure of time?  It’s one and one half minutes.  So, when you say I’ll be back in a moment, or excuse me for a moment, you’d better hurry.  You’ve only got one and one half minutes!”

Seed Catalog, Rare Seeds

rare seeds catalog from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.

So I had happily spent considerably more than a “moment” in the sun.  I decided to take “one more moment” to flip through the Rare Seed catalog.  Well, this time it took more than one moment for this nature artist to just get past the mosaic on the cover.  What a creative change from the typical photographs of flowers and vegetables that usually grace the covers of seed catalogs!

The cover art reminded me of another bit of wisdom that I found recently on Pinterest:

Creativity is not in the finding of a thing but the making of something out of it after it is found.

Seed Art by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Detail from the cover of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds 2015 Seed Catalog

How clever to create little flowers and butterflies to remind me of what wonderful rewards await the gardener who unlocks the magic of the seeds.

As January clouds and ice move back into the New River Valley today I’m taking a “moment” to sit by the fire and contemplate how to nurture my own Seeds of Creativity in my garden and in my studio.

Wishing you happy moments!

About Karen Hines Art

I am an artist living in the mountains of Virginia and expressing my love of nature through painting.
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