A “little” Inspiration

Several nights ago the temperature dropped into the single digits and all of the media were emphasizing the importance of bringing outdoor pets inside and providing shelter for livestock.  I don’t have either but after I filled the bird feeders for the afternoon flock I spied a small clay pot of violas by the porch that beckoned me to bring them into the house.

Pot of purple violas

After blooming through ice, snow and freezing temperatures these little beauties deserved a little shelter inside when the temp. dipped below freezing.

Their little throats were the color of bright summer sunshine even in the dead of winter.

Bright blue viola with slash of gold

Hardy, Happy, Colorful, Drops of Joy!

I’ve heard that those born under my sign of Scorpio often disappear for extended periods of time only to re-emerge unexpectedly with a flurry of creativity.   I think these little jewels started the flurry.  I just ordered three new tubes of watercolors for painting, several new spices for cooking and some interesting seeds for the spring garden!

Watercolor Viola  painting by karen HinesI have several plants blooming around the house right now:  African violets, Orchids, Christmas Cactus, Shamrock. 

African Violets

Detail from “Mabel’s Pink Kitchen”, watercolor by Karen Hines

Amazing what one tiny little flower, just visiting overnight, can do to brighten the bouquet!!     

About Karen Hines Art

I am an artist living in the mountains of Virginia and expressing my love of nature through painting.
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