Nature’s Guide to Decorating

It seems to me that Nature has the right idea when it comes to holiday decorating.

Thanksgiving Cactus in bloom

A Thanksgiving Cactus differs from a Christmas Cactus in the shape of the leaves and the time of year that it blooms.

When the leaves begin to change color in the Fall and buds appear on my Thanksgiving Cactus, it is my signal to replace bird nests and butterflies with wild turkeys and pumpkins. So as the last of my Thanksgiving cactus flowers faded and dropped off on Sunday, the colors of Autumn and harvest ornaments were packed away.

Yesterday the Christmas cactus’ first bright bud appeared.  Now it is time to open the Advent calendar windows and bring out precious ornaments  collected or crafted over the years.

Art , Crafts and Holiday Decorations, oh my.

I need to get started on a watercolor Christmas card design but first I had some fun with paper, scissors and glue.

I used my watercolor paper, reproductions of vintage chromolithographs, “silk” florals and other embellishments to create these Collage Ornaments.  Of course, there had to be a little touch of leaf or flower on each one.  Even on the coldest winter day, memories of the garden are always near !   Christmas Collage Ornaments, handmadeAs the first bud opens today on my Christmas cactus I’ll be opening the boxes of treasures so carefully packed away last year.  They’ll  be enjoyed until the last Christmas bud has bloomed and faded.

Soon after, I’ll be sitting by the fire with gardening catalog in hand waiting for the bird nests and butterflies to return.

Grey cat sitting by a fire

My “Tiger” by the fire.



About Karen Hines Art

I am an artist living in the mountains of Virginia and expressing my love of nature through painting.
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