A Calm Before the Storm Day

Yesterday was a mild, sunny “calm before the storm” day to be savored.

With an Arctic blast of winter weather predicted to arrive on Wednesday I spent most of my time Sunday outside joining other creatures who were excitedly enjoying the out-of-doors.

Cedar Waxwings, watercolor by Karen Hines (Karen Hines Art)

Cedar Waxwings feasting on wild grapes inspired this watercolor by Karen Hines

The trees were full of Cedar Waxwings happily feasting on clusters of wild grapes.  I heard their shrill songs and soon spotted their sunlit feathers.

Chipmunks were hastily loading up their little pouches with seeds from the ground under my bird feeders to add to the larders in their dens. (I’m reminded that I need to add additional items to my own cupboards for when I’m home bound by Mother Nature this winter.)

In the afternoon I took a scenic drive along the beautiful New River to the Glencoe Museum and Gallery for a meet-the-artist reception.  My watercolor “Cedar Waxwings” is one of four of my paintings featured in the museum’s Anniversary Exhibit this month.

When I arrived back home, the chipmunks had been joined by a flock of recently arrived Black-eyed Juncos aka Snowbirds.  The little migrators arrived just in time to savor this beautiful “calm before the storm day” and prepare for a November blanketing of snow.

Tocking up for a Snow-y Day, watercolor by Karen Hines (Karen Hines Art)

Stocking up for a Snow-y Day – from my watercolor journal

“The Secret of Life is Enjoying the Passage of Time”  James Taylor

Looking forward to a “calm during the storm” day by the fire.






About Karen Hines Art

I am an artist living in the mountains of Virginia and expressing my love of nature through painting.
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