Sunlight Inspiration

"Tiger" soaks up the sun

Sunshine Contentment

My cat “Tiger” and I definitely look forward to sunrise. She follows the rays from spot to spot around the house and I love the way the moving angle of the sun illuminates my world in a changing kaleidoscopic array of colors and shadows. There have been some beautiful sunsets this year but my creativity ebbs as the sun crosses the sky and the evening glow is usually painted from photo and memory in the morning light.

As the days get shorter and the Winter solstice approaches, the little Ott light in my studio will have to provide some early morning painting “sunshine” while this early riser waits for the first inspirational rays.

About Karen Hines Art

I am an artist living in the mountains of Virginia and expressing my love of nature through painting.
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1 Response to Sunlight Inspiration

  1. While I am indeed going to be rising an hour earlier than before, it seems I might also in return have an early morning lighted path to the mailbox because the sun will also indeed be rising AN HOUR EARLIER (at least by the clocks). I do not enjoy the time warp created by changing from DST to Eastern Standard time….but I do love the to watch the sunrise!

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