Moonflower Magic

One Spring I came across a little Moonflower seedling nestled among the Morning Glory vines in a local greenhouse.   I’ve planted several every Summer since then.  What a magical plant!

Watercolor or a night-blooming Moonflower by Karen Hines (

Moonflower, watercolor by Karen Hines

Moonflowers are night blooming cousins of the Morning Glory.  The huge 5-6 inch flowers begin to open in the late afternoon when the long swirling buds open quickly like time-lapsed photography.  The blooms last from dusk to dawn, reflecting the light of the moon and delighting a host of night pollinators (and this early to rise artist) with their wonderful sweet aroma  .



Photograph of Katydid close-up on moonflower by Karen HinesThis morning before the night’s blooms had faded,  I found a late night visitor lingering to enjoy the first rays of sunshine while finishing its night time katydid song.

Since Moonflowers are heirloom plants I can save the seeds from each year’s pods to get an early start on next year’s vines.  When the insect chorus of Fall begins next year and the Harvest Moon rises the trellis will again be filled with magic.


About Karen Hines Art

I am an artist living in the mountains of Virginia and expressing my love of nature through painting.
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