Brushstroke Memories

We all have boxes full of photographs in a drawer, a desk or a closet. Images that remind us of people and places and events that touched our lives or those of the people from our past who snapped the photo.  The composition is usually not perfect and the focus may not be just right but it is the fact that somebody took the effort to freeze the moment that makes old family photographs so special to me.

I take lots of photographs and many I print on paper so that someday someone might hold in their hand an image that I felt important enough to preserve. As much as I treasure my photographs, the hand written notes on the back of many of them are even more special.  Messages sent into the future like brushstrokes from an artist’s hand.

When I look through my portfolio of watercolors I’m reminded of the things I love.  The strokes of my brush remind me of that special butterfly, a trip to the river, a mountain panorama.

First watercolor washes of purple balloon flowers and hummingbird

Painting in progress!

When the hummingbirds and Monarchs have migrated south, their watercolor images keep them near to me until the cycle of nature comes full circle again.  I’ve just begun this painting but maybe someday someone will gaze at the purple balloon flowers and their little visitor and know the joy that I have felt this summer being  surrounded by these happy little birds.


About Karen Hines Art

I am an artist living in the mountains of Virginia and expressing my love of nature through painting.
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