Fall Preview

My favorite weather geek has predicted record low temperatures for the New River Valley in the THIRTIES for Wednesday.  Sounds like nature’s fall preview has begun.  I like the little hints that summer is winding down and Autumn is preparing to take her place.

Mountain Ash with berriesMy mountain ash trees are the first to remind me of the explosion of color that is Fall.   The tree is really laden with orange berries this year.

watercolor of mountian ash berries

Mountain Ash berries

A turkey's down feather lies among the walnut leaves.

A turkey’s down feather lies among the walnut leaves.

I used Opera Rose, New Gamboge and Permanent Sap Green watercolors to paint a cluster of berries.  The berries of the Ash remind me of little pumpkins. I think these colors will be often on my palette this Fall.

With this trio I can paint pumpkins, bittersweet, yellow cone flowers, gourds and lots of beautiful fall leaves!

Yellow Coneflowers



I especially love New Gamboge.  Its a beautiful color that adds a special glow to  yellows of Autumn. Even though the trees are still lush with green leaves, the Walnuts have already begun to shed some yellow onto the lawn where a turkey has added its own decoration of a down feather.



While I savor the flowers of summer, the harvest from the garden and the hummingbirds preparing for their migration, I’ll also enjoy the Fall Preview of a glorious new season.

Enjoy the day!


About Karen Hines Art

I am an artist living in the mountains of Virginia and expressing my love of nature through painting.
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