A Little Fish in a Big Pond

Crane Fly on Milkweed

A crane fly, resembling a large mosquito, sits on a milkweed plant.

Its not easy being tiny in a world of giants, a little fish in a big pond.  Its a common predicament in the web of life.  However, even the smallest of creatures seem to not acknowledge their precarious situation. They survive and thrive with absolute self-confidence and a lack of intimidation regardless of the size of the task. The English poet and novelist D. H Lawrence observed “The mosquito knows full well, small as he is, he’s a beast of prey.”

As a gardener and Plein Air painter I have to admire the mosquitoes, chiggers and bees that have attacked this giant and the earthworms, ants and voles who have accomplished great feats of excavation in my garden starting with a few grains of soil.

"Mosquito on the Hunt" painting in my watercolor sketchbook.

“Mosquito on the Hunt” painting in my watercolor sketchbook.


Next time I find myself overwhelmed with a task I’ll have to remember that nature gives good advice – Don’t worry about the size of the task, just do it!


Have a productive week!





About Karen Hines Art

I am an artist living in the mountains of Virginia and expressing my love of nature through painting.
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