A Watershed World

I have a small pond close by.  It is only filled by rain and run-off so its depth is ever changing. Sometimes it dries up altogether and many little creatures lose their happy home.  Late Fall and early Winter was pretty dry and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be hearing my little Spring Peepers and other frogs this spring.  Anybody who lives around here eagerly awaits their first chorus of  high-pitched little chirps!

Well, the pond refilled all the way to the top with the recent rains and during my morning walk I visited the pond and was surprised to see a huge cluster of frog eggs clinging to a little submerged stick.

Spring Peepers,frog egg cluster.pond life

A Mass of frog eggs in my pond

Two days earlier, the pond’s surface had been solid ice.  Life on earth is so fragile and yet so resilient.   I hope these little jewels survive to become happy little tadpoles. I’ll be checking on them!

I spent countless childhood hours exploring the New River, the creeks and ponds of the valley and the waters of Claytor Lake.  The treasures to be found there still fasinate me.

Here are some of the other wonderful reasons that my New River Valley is so special (watch for the print of my watercolor “Egg Money Quilt” in the video.  Its in the Fine Arts Center for the NRV gift shop)!

Hope you have a great week and find little jewels where you least expect them!

About Karen Hines Art

I am an artist living in the mountains of Virginia and expressing my love of nature through painting.
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