Cleaning House for Me and a Little Bird

Late winter is the time that I get that primal urge to clean, organize and  brainstorm ways to simplify life.  I don’t think of it as “work” but as just another way to indulge my creative self. I do believe that “Creative Clutter is Better than Idle Neatness” but usually by January things have gotten out of hand and its time to clean the palette!

Well, you can’t clean ALL the time.  After a long string of below freezing temperatures here in the New River Valley, yesterday was sunny and in the mid 30’s.  I spent most of the day outside, exploring the woods, cleaning up flower beds and just sitting on the porch watching the birds.

We’re lucky to have an abundance of wildlife here, especially birds.  There were robins, waxwings, titmice, chickadees, crows, doves, nuthatches, downey woodpeckers, yellow-bellied woodpeckers, buzzards, gold finches, purple finches, a couple of red-tailed hawks (glad they stayed high up!) and one of my favorite little visitors – a Carolina Wren!

My watercolor, “Little Bird” 5 X 7, was inspired by these cute little regular year-long visitors to my bird feeder. I just love their “Tweet-eter, Tweet-eter, Tweet” song.

I’ve had two little wrens nesting in empty baskets hanging on the wall in our garage for several years.  In very early spring they are happily chirping , housecleaning, adding fresh moss and pine needles to the baskets. Yesterday I heard lots of mating calls among the birdsongs, a happy precursor to nesting and a season of feasting on fresh seeds, insects and nectar.

I think many of the most optomistic people I’ve met are bird-watchers, gardeners and/or artists. We see each season as part of a natural continuum of life. We pre-plan our gardens, embrace the change in seasons and look forward to new “paintable” serendipities each day. We joyfully observe little details in our surroundings.  I even found a few little splashes of “spring green” in the woods yesterday on the first day of February!

Hmmm… Think I’d better make sure that I have an extra tube of “Sap Green” watercolor in the studio cabinet!  Have a great day and remember to “Treasure all life’s little pleasures.”     Karen

About Karen Hines Art

I am an artist living in the mountains of Virginia and expressing my love of nature through painting.
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